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denture repair

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Many people rely on their teeth and a confident smile and eat food that would normally be difficult to bite into and chew with missing teeth. Constantly worn, dentures replace natural teeth and the need for care and constant cleaning to keep in top condition. While dentures are durable, they are susceptible to damage.

Most damage to dentures due to dropped or bearer biting hard foods, resulting in a chipped tooth or a crack in the denture base of pink. The use of damaged teeth can be uncomfortable and embarrassing even, but the good news is that you can easily find a service that can quickly repair prostheses. This article details the best way to care for your dentures, the most common forms of damage, and the best way to have your dentures repaired.

The denture care

After each meal and before bedtime, take a few minutes to clean your dentures thoroughly, removing small pieces food stuck between teeth that can allow plaque development. Cleaning up after meals is also kept spotting in the teeth. Ask your dentist if you should use a toothbrush and regular toothpaste to clean your dentures because many types of toothpastes contain harsh ingredients that can damage dentures. Your dentist may recommend a toothbrush or denture cleaning special for you to use instead.

Common forms of damage

The most common teeth damage is due to drop them. When lowered, the base of the prosthesis may fracture or pink teeth can crack and break the chip, or detachment. Even a short fall in the sink can damage your dentures.

Dentures can also be harmed by biting a lollipop hard or food. This commonly happens with old dentures to bite at an angle that creates pressure that causes a tooth to crack, snap or loosen. Having a denture Emergency repairs into account before any damage occurs so you can have your dentures repaired and returned in an instant.

How to repair dentures

Some denture wearers try to make minor repairs in the country to try to cut or break a tooth using adhesive instead of visiting your dentist. Other people opt for a repair kit with a binding solution. The disadvantage of using glue is that it only works temporarily and the use of a kit repair keeps a person from getting adequate compensation to the dentist. acrylic prosthesis, available through dentists, that works best for repairs of teeth. Usually the best option to repair a prosthesis is sending emergency repair service.

How much time is needed to repair dentures?

The time needed to repair the dentures depends on the severity of the damage is to the prosthesis. For example, a dentist may be able to repair a chipped tooth in the office in an hour or two but a crack in the denture base pink may require referral to a service center outside site. Emergency services denture repair can usually repair your dentures, and return them within 24 hours.

No repairs not hesitate to ask when damage your dentures. Contact your dentist for an appointment and ask how long it will take to repair your dentures. For more service fast, with an emergency denture repair service for repairs overnight.

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Christine O’Kelly writes helpful articles about dentures for Denture Shop, a company offering 24-hour emergency denture repair. A member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories, they repair dentures and offer fast, overnight service.

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