Valplast Partial

valplast partial
do you llke your valplast partial?

Partials in dentistry are tough whether made from Valplast material or conventional materials.

You have all this unnatural material in your mouth attempting to do the job that nature intended your teeth to do. That is why a partial is the last treatment of choice for a patient. Fixed work such as implants and bridges are far superior to partials as they come much closer to what nature intended your teeth to do.

Now, I’m not trying to talk you into implants and bridges, I’m just telling you what works better. You have make all the decisions based on what you have been educated on and what will work best for your case.

So if you like your Valplast partials great! (And many patients do like them). If not, now you know why.

Best of luck

Valplast Adjustment Video

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